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Jan. 2024

Updates from EJ

Updates from EJ

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Why should I join caravan?

Property Tours: become familiar with features of each property, learn why comparable homes are valued at different prices, learn how to navigate a showing

Networking: discuss market trends, share insights, collaborate on upcoming open houses, share information on potential buyers

Market Knowledge: get first hand insight on current inventory

Feedback: Obtain feedback from other real estate professionals to share with your sellers, this is important to help your sellers understand how their home lines up with the market

Efficiency: Caravans allow agents to view multiple properties in a single day, making the process more efficient than individual property visits

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wire fraud

Watch Out for:

  • Fake emails with money instructions.
  • Rushed requests for quick transfers.
  • Odd changes in communication.

Stay Safe:

  1. Double-Check Instructions: Confirm details by calling.
  2. Use Secure Communication: Share info on secure platforms.
  3. Know the Risks: Be cautious and remind others too.
  4. Extra Security: Add two-factor authentication.

If it feels off, double-check before acting. We're here for a secure real estate experience.

Wire instructions will ONLY be sent to customers via secure email. They must call in to verify account number. Please know, we want to ensure all customers safety during their real estate transaction.

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The Escrow Junction Way

Buying or selling a home is both exciting and stressful. We understand the challenges of paperwork and the confusion in the process.

Your clients will receive personalized intro videos from their escrow officer, celebrating their home journey and guiding them through the next steps.

Packages can be easily completed using DocuSign, ensuring your clients feel comfortable and at ease throughout the process. ((unless a wet signature is required for specific documents)

We offer communication in Spanish, both verbal and written, to cater to a wider audience.

At Escrow Junction, we're dedicated to making the process smooth and stress-free for everyone involved.

For caravan inquiries or additional information

please contact cameron greene